Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Presentation of our Final-Frontiers-Version at ZKM Karlsruhe

On Wednesday, February 29th 2012,16:00-18:00, we will present the final version of Frontiers at ZKM Karlsruhe! New features, fixed bugs and new research material: The updated version of Frontiers will be presented, played and discussed in the ZKM Media Museum, World of Games (2nd floor) before we go online. Our short presentation will be followed by a discussion and gaming session: 

Presentation by gold extra: 
  • Sonja Prlic,
  • Karl Zechenter,
  • Tobias Hammerle,
  • Martina Brandmayr and
  • Jens M. Stober
The discussion will be joined by
  • Michael Bielicky, professor for Media Art at HfG Karlsruhe
  • Prof. Dr. Heiner Mühlmann, lecturer of Philosophy and Cultural Theory at HfG Karlsruhe,
  • Dr. Bernhard Serexhe, curator of ZKM Media Museum
  • Further details: