Montag, 18. August 2008

Press Review (english): Street News Servis on FRONTIERS

Taking gamers to the borders of Europe, the computer game ‘Frontiers’ follows the escape of a refugee from the perspective of either a refugee or a border guard. 

„We`re no criminals“ says Isfan Osama. He and 50 other refugees from Sudan, Niger, Mali and Kashmir in the Spanish refugee camp Ceti in the Spanish territory Ceuta surround the team of 4 artists from „gold extra“. They all want to tell their story, of 4-5 years of escaping through desert, mountains and over the sea until they ended up being stranded in this European city on African soil. The city of Ceuta will be the scenery of one of the levels of the computer game „frontiers“, which „gold extra“ is going to publish in 2008. In it the escape to Europe can be re-enacted. The encounter with real refugees made a deep impression on artist Sonja Prlić and it made her realize „just how important it is to reach as many people as possible with „frontiers“, make it possible for them to experience and become aware of the situation on the frontiers of Europe“ 

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