Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

Young man dies in Austrian deportation prison

We are shocked and angry: A Young man from India dies in an Austrian deportation prison during a hunger strike. Why are a people, seeking for asylum still treated worse than criminals?

Montag, 14. September 2009

Level Sahara....

you might have played the level,

Freitag, 11. September 2009

No Servers in FRONTIERS? Duh... Of course there are!

Evil people dont stop spreading the rumour that there are no FRONTIERS servers. Now that is SO not true ;) . What happened is, that out of some mystical and yet unsolved reasons, our servers dont show up in the Master Servers list. (in Steam on the INTERNET-Tab in the Servers-Section) But theres an easy way to solve this, you just have to add our Servers to the favorites manually. Which works as follows (for dummys):

1. Open Steam

2. Click on Servers

3. Click on Favorits and then...
4. .. on Add a server

5. One by one, enter the following Frontiers Server IPs:

6. Doubleclick on the server of your choice (e.g. Sahara I or Ceuta II) to join the Server
(Frontiers will start automatically)

PS: After having those Servers to your Favorites, you will of course find them also from inside Frontiers (Game Menu)

Public Betatesting of new map!

Hey there folks. On Sunday evening 8pm Central European Time,
we are going to test our fresh map Ceuta.

Things will definitely not run smoothly yet, but if you want to take a peak, come on and join the show. Remember, you will need a variant of Half-Life / Counterstrike to be able to play Frontiers. If you have and you want to participate, please
let us know before on, so we can send you the link to download the ceuta update. cheers, the frontiers crew