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Frontiers FAQ

After Installation, Frontiers doesnt start.
A) Start Steam (Start->Programs->Steam)
B) Go to Games-> View Games Library
C) Doubleclick on Frontiers

I installed Frontiers, but it doesnt show up in the Steam Game list.
After the Installation, open Steam, go to Games->View Games Library. If Frontiers doesnt show up in the list, its mostly because it hasn't been installed in the right directory (This happens mostly in 64BIT Versions of XP, Vista, or Windows 7)

Frontiers NEEDS to be installed in the same Hard Disk/Partition than STEAM.
A) So: Start->Programs->Steam->    
B) Right-Click on Steam, check out where it is installed. (Properties->Target)  - German: (Eigenschaften->Ziel)
C) If, for example, steam it is installed at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe"
   Then, you have to install Frontiers to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\"
   (As mentioned, on 64B systems, you probably accidently installed Frontiers to C:\Program Files\steamapps\Sourcemods).So, instead of re-installing, you can just move the frontiers folder to the above location.

FRONTIERS is running, but quite laggy
Minimum requirements include a 3D-videocard is from 2006 or newer, 1-2GB RAM and a 2GHZ Processor
You can improve Performance by:

* Running the game in windowed mode:
  a) Open Steam->Games->View Games Library
  b) Right-Click Frontiers beta > Properties -> Set Launch Options
  c) enter: -windowed

* Change the Video Settings:
  a) start Frontiers, go to Options, Video, change resolution to lowest
  b) in Options, Video, go to Advanced, change everything to lowest...

FRONTIERS is crashing on mapchange

Note: This also occurs to quite fast machines and video cards, it is a BUG caused by Valve and, unfortunately,  beyond our control. But hurray, there is a solution!
Again,  change the Video Settings:
It should be sufficient to change Texture Details to: MEDIUM

The Team Selection on my widescreen monitor look weird.
In your Frontiers directory you'll find a File called set16_9.cmd just start it, and your Screen Ratio will be set to 16:9 according to your widescreen. If you want to set it back, just click set4_3.cmd.

I 'm getting an SteamID Error!
Re-Install steam, or go here for a solution without having to re-install steam..

I want to report a specific problem!

then go ahead:

Gameplay Info is available at:

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Press review (german): Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Kein Kinderkram: Videogames für Erwachsene

"Wer bei Videospielern immer noch das Klischee tageslichtscheuer Jungs im Kopf hat, sollte in die Messehallen der Gamescom (18. bis 22. August) in Köln kommen. Denn dort wird man sehen können, dass nicht nur Teenager daddeln."