Freitag, 11. September 2009

No Servers in FRONTIERS? Duh... Of course there are!

Evil people dont stop spreading the rumour that there are no FRONTIERS servers. Now that is SO not true ;) . What happened is, that out of some mystical and yet unsolved reasons, our servers dont show up in the Master Servers list. (in Steam on the INTERNET-Tab in the Servers-Section) But theres an easy way to solve this, you just have to add our Servers to the favorites manually. Which works as follows (for dummys):

1. Open Steam

2. Click on Servers

3. Click on Favorits and then...
4. .. on Add a server

5. One by one, enter the following Frontiers Server IPs:

6. Doubleclick on the server of your choice (e.g. Sahara I or Ceuta II) to join the Server
(Frontiers will start automatically)

PS: After having those Servers to your Favorites, you will of course find them also from inside Frontiers (Game Menu)