Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Surprise in Karlsruhe: gold extra meets Peter Weibel

We were invited to present the Final Edition of Frontiers at the media museum of ZKM Karlsruhe. We've got a lot of press and some very nice introductory speeches by Bernhard Serexhe, ZKM's chief curator, but we were also in for some surprise as legendary artist and curator Peter Weibel showed up to get up to date with Frontiers. Charlie, Sonja, Jens and Tobias were eagerly cramming hours of information in small digestible bits, while Martina did a show run in the game. In his own words, Weibel: Brilliant. Wonderful. Don't run so fast young lady, I'm getting all dizzy.
The game is in the permanent exhibition „World Of Games“ - themselves ranging from Pong to Frontiers - for some more years.
Thanks to ZKM, Prof. Serexhe, the whole tech crew and especially Mirco and Larissa for support.