Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

In less than 7 days you can download FRONTIERS (for FREE !)

Hey everyone!

After half a year of mapping, remodeling, bug fixing, betatesting, feedback-collecting, adding new maps and researching content, we will finally release FRONTIERS!

The game includes 4+1 Maps that portray one of the typical Routes of an african migrant: Sahara, Ceuta, Spanish Coast, and finally the Container Port of Rotterdam.

For those who already played our beta version, a lot has happened since:
On one side, gameplay and score system have vastly been improved. Countless new models based on the material we collected during our research have been added, documentary interview sounds and videos of refugees we met, and much more.

The other good news is that - thanks to Valve - FRONTIERS can be now downloaded entirely for FREE. All you need now is a Steam account, install Steam and then the Source SDK, and finally install FRONTIERS. (>Detailed Instructions here<) In the next weeks and months, we will regulary meet and play online, so you if you want to be part of that, also join our Frontiers Steam group (after you registered), and you will be notified whenever there is an event. If you want to leave feedback, thats lovely -> do it here.

Thanks to everybody who supported and helped us during this long march!

We will see you at the border.

Martina Brandmayr
Tobias Hammerle
Sonja Prlic
Charlie Zechenter
Jens Stober